Medipol Global Summit 2021 is an event targeted for the enthusiasts in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cyber Security, Web and Mobile development, Blockchain and so many others!

The hosts, in other words, the presenters have 2 most important characteristics in common, which is they are all Experts in their respective fields and all are officially verified Google Developer Experts. Throughout the event while having applied and introductory projects welcome you by the GDE’s, you will have a general understanding of specific topics related to each field in your mind. …



Funny and at the same time simple to use drone control project by the members of Discord. Admin/Owner of the BOT can enable/disable the commands to be accepted for the Drone, and add/remove new Drone commands from the API list.

How it works

The device connected both to the Discord to receive the commands from the users over ethernet, and WiFi module connected to the Tello EDU Drone is creating a link between Discord and your drone.


1) Create and connect your BOT to the Discord server, where you want the users to get interacted with
2) Manage the features (leave as default for…

Have you ever wondered how the QR really works? How they are detected or created? If you would like to host your own custom event and would like to create a custom member sign-in with QR badges, how would you succeed? Well, here we start!


QRypter is an easy to setup and use custom QR Generator, and scanner tool all together. Designed specifically for the small sized competitions, hackathons, talks, where it would take less time for you to create your custom member sign-in authentication system.

How it works

As QRypter is going to create custom QR codes for the given input of…

It might sound kind of impossible, which probably is, at least for now to access the backend of MODDLE, however, nothing really stops us to use the current technologies that we own, which is being improved day-by-day and apply it on the frontend to abuse the MOODLE’s blocked copy the question option.

Let me get it straight, in order to get whatever you want to copy, either you have to have an access to the website’s codes (inspect elements is an option), or you have to use another logic and algorithm to copy the what you want to copy. …

In one of my previous stories, I have shared a simple Python script, which used to list all the used libraries in the .py extended, in other words, Python files, and returned the result in a requirements.txt file.

This time, even though the general principle is the same, whole project is going to be a little bit harder compared to the Python, the first reason being that we are already working Java, not Python, but the most important part is that we are going to use the recursive functions.

The result at the end is going to get all the directory, subdirectories, files, and file (not folder) sizes in bytes as shown in the image below:

Code Show Example
Code Show Example

Source Code (GitHub):


Whoever is into Python already knows that for the projects, which are usually shared by the public, on GitHub for instance, mostly include some general files, such as, Procfile, and of which being is the actual requirements.txt file, and this article will be about.

The title already says it all, a default requirements file for everybody, so with one click everybody can get the libraries, which were used in the projects of the others to be easily downloaded and installed with some commands through the terminal as following, for example:

pip install -r requirements.txt (the path to the requirements.txt…


As you know, it really requires a lot of data, especially, accurate data in order to also achieve a successful model at the end of the training process. Considering sometimes data, which is completely custom and really hard to find high quality ones on the internet, this script is going to increase your current data size by a few times with different methods of image manipulation to give you a much more accurate and stable model at the end.

Custom Input Data

As it is really sad to see how we all are dealing/passing through such hardships as Covid taking over the world, it is also really motivational to see new innovations of different technologies in this field.

One of which I have noticed recently while surfing Instagram was that on stories and posts containing any word related to the Covid, COVID, COVID-19, COVID 19, etc. Instagram could automatically detect them and put a link to the current situation going on with the Covid news. It did really attract my attention, and I was on my way to code such innovative and…

Vusal Ismayilov

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